Development Research Bureau (DRB) is a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) whose objective is to advance knowledge in economic, social, environmental and technological development.  Registered as a Non-governmental Organization with the Nigerian Government in 1987, DRB carries out its objective through research, consultancy and educational programmes.  DRB’s members, staff and associates, drawn from different parts of Nigeria, are experts on development issues at the local, national and international levels.

Expertise and Area of Specialization (SCOPE OF ACTIVITIES OF DRB)

Since its inception, DRB has been committed to the advancement of knowledge in multidisciplinary approach to the economic, social, environmental and technological fields through basic and applied research with particular emphasis on policy-oriented and development issues.  DRB has had the following focus on its Consultancy and Research Activities: 

1       Consultancy Activities

         DRB offers consultancy services in the following fields:

(i)     Economic and Social Studies

Economic and Project Planning; Economic and Social Surveys; Population and Health Studies; Feasibility Studies; Project/Programme Evaluation; Transport Economics and Planning; International Trade and Finance; Market Analysis and Forecasting.

(ii)    Physical Development/Environmental Planning and Management

Urban and Regional Physical Planning; Environmental and Natural Resources Planning and Management; Environmental Impact Assessment; Environmental Auditing; Environmental Remediation Programmes; Geographic Information Systems Applications in     

Environmental Monitoring and Management, et al; Environmental Management Information System Development; Resource Management; Environmental Health Planning and Management.

(iii)     Management and Manpower Development Consultancy

Application of Modern Management Techniques; Manpower Planning and Development/ Tailor-made Training Programs; Organizational Methods.

(iv)   Information Management/Computer Consultancy Services

Feasibility Study of Computer Projects; Procurement of Computer Hardware and Software Systems; Installation and Maintenance of Computer Systems; Development of Data Bank and Application Software; Computer Training Programs.

(v)    Policy Analysis and Programme Planning

Policy Analysis and Review; Alternative Policy Options; Monitoring and Feedback Systems; Capacity Building.